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Medical and Surgical Supplies Nassau and Suffolk County, Queens, Brooklyn, and NYC

Merrick Surgical Supplies caters to improving the lives of all people that have medical needs, young and seniors. We have surgical equipment and supplies that can enhance and prolong a quality of life. Recovering from injuries requires special equipment and supplies that can make the healing process easier and quicker. We are committed to working closely with you in taking care of your families. We are here to help. We have bath safety, mobility i.e. lift chairs, lift stairs, ramp solutions, and transport chairs or scooters. We understand and appreciate that each of our customers is an individual with specific and unique needs. Located in Nassau and Suffolk County, Queens, Brooklyn, and New York, Merrick Surgical services the local and Greater New York communities.
Customer service cannot be underscored enough for Nassau and Suffolk County and Queens, Brooklyn, and New York’s residents as Merrick Surgical Supplies offers Platinum customer care and attention to each and every customer. Amongst the many important medical supplies and products offered, we have mobility products, bathroom safety apparatus i.e. grab bars, shower chairs, and ramping systems, commodes, wheelchairs, walkers, and canes, scooters and many more items. Merrick Surgical is a resource for addressing all questions that one may have. After all, the medical and surgical field has all different types of needs. With many years of experience, we can help our customers feel comfortable by understanding which products are most suited to solve their issues. Comfort, recovery, and satisfaction is what we want to provide at all times.

Lift Chairs
Merrick Surgical Supplies is a flagship dealer for Golden Technologies. Golden Technologies is one of the leading lift chair and scooter companies. They carry Cirrus, Cloud, Relaxer, Capri, Windsor, and MaxiComforter lift and recline chairs. They are all made in the USA.
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Compression Stockings
Compression stockings enable the users to increase the flow of their circulation at various levels of the feet and legs which is important for men and women alike and people of all ages depending upon their circumstances.
Bathroom Safety
Bathroom accessibility can be difficult if not impossible at times for the handicapped, aged, or injured and sick people. Commodes provide that relief when such logistics pose great challenges for the disabled.
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