Golden Lift Chair Training

WATCH NOW: 5 Step Selling Process

This video will show your sales team how to use the Golden Lift Chair Flagship Selling Center effectively in your Retail Showroom.


Flex-A-Bed 3-Motor Fully Electric Hi-Lo FlexABed Hospital Ad

Day Dreamer Power Pillow

Power Pillows

Lift Chairs


Golden Buzzaround XL Scooter

Made By Americans – ImPAct Award

Merrick Surgical Supply- The Beginning

Merrick Surgical Supply- The Customer in Nassau County

Merrick Surgical Supply- The Products

Jobst, Compression Stocking

Merrick Surgical Supply- Demographics and Footprint

Zero Gravity

Lift Chair :30 Commercial

Golden Compass

TV watching-MaxiComfort

Hand Wand-MaxiComfort


LiteRider Instructional Video

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