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I came in with my 11 year old daughter today and Joyce was amazing. She took her time with us and was so sweet. She treated us like family. I recommend them wholeheartedly . Their customer service was fantastic . Thanks Joyce for all your help today

a week ago

Merrick Surgical, Great Service Run With integrity And Friendliness Makes You Feel Like Family.They Help Find The Best Solution For All Your Medical Problems. The Owner Goes Above & Beyond & Cares Very Deeply About His Clientele. If Your Looking For a Gem Of A Surgical Store I Recommend This Is The Place.

a week ago

I must say Leo went above and beyond to help me in a frustrating situation. Needed an item that was not covered with him with my insurance. He helped me not only locate a surgical supply store that accepted my insurance but also called them for me, explained my insurance and the item I needed. In my book he is number 1 and I would not hesitate to recommend him!!! Thanks again Leo you are the best!

a week ago

We are thrilled with Merrick Surgical Supply & our new Hi-Low Flex a Bed. Leo & his team provided professional & friendly service from beginning to delivery. Even our 13 year old Beagle was impressed!!

Josie F.


I highly recommend Merrick Surgical Supplies for one main reason: JOYCE!  What an absolutely lovely, friendly, knowledgeable and caring woman. I went there to get crutches after getting very bad news that I had broken a bone in my knee. It was cold and snowy out and I had trouble walking to the store by myself. Not only did Joycemake me feel at home and comforted me like she was a member of my family when I arrived, but she also made sure that I was OK and had help walking to my car so that I would not fall. You can get Medical Supplies at any store, and this store is well-priced and well-stocked, but Joyce is what made the difference to me that day.  You just don’t get that kind of personal attention and one-on-one customer service any more.

I really felt that Joyce cared about me as a person and she made me feel so welcome, I almost did not want to leave.  But I did, with my new crutches and feeling better than I walked in.

To my surprise, the next day I got a phone call from Joyce who called me to see how I was doing and if I was feeling better. She said to feel free to come see her if I needed anything or if she could help me in any way. Tears almost welled up in my eyes. I could not believe how sweet and caring Joyce is. Talk about going above and beyond your job description to just be an all-around good person.

God Bless you Joyce and thanks for making a difference when I needed it most.  —Josie Feliz

Matt N.


Needed help finding a knee brace for a recent injury. I spoke to Joyce and she was very helpful and friendly. She knew right away what kind of brace I’d need for the type of injury I sustained, and allowed me to try it on for size and fit. Was very comfortable and satisfied with the selection and her recommendation 🙂 5/5

Rachel A.


I went here for a cervical pillow. I spoke with Joyce who was beyond kind and helpful!!! She went way above her job description in trying to assist me with my problem. I am so grateful for her help! I will definitely be coming here again for any supply needs and referring everyone I know!


FABULOUS!  That’s how I characterize the staff and service from Merrick Surgical Supplies & Home Care. The staff is warm and welcoming and do whatever it takes to assist with your purchases.  Leo, Andra and Joyce are so friendly and knowledgeable!  They have helped us to select the best lift chair for our dad and made the process easy and cohesive all around!  Our father is thrilled with the chair which is a wonderful thing!  (-:   I highly recommend going to this store to fulfill any of your surgical supply or home care needs.

Stat Medical Equipment Services & Sales, Inc.

February 25, 2016  10:32am

I frequently receive calls for Electric Lift Out/ Recline Chairs.

Over the past 20 years I learned that the choice of the proper model for best fit and best comfort cannot be determined by ordering one from a catalog or a big box family drug store. 

Both of the major manufacturers (who ae relatively near each other in Pennsylvania) make about 30-35 different models each designed for specific users.  By that I mean, each chair has different seat lengths and widths, different backrest heights and comfort levels, different seat-to-floor heights, optional features such as Heat and/or Massage capabilities, a multitude of fabrics and colors, specific recline and lift functions (too many to explain here), etc.In other words, it’s almost like finding the right car by test driving it, or at least have the opportunity for a “touchy-feely” experience.  Not many dealers have more than 2 or 3 models on their showroom floor, partly due to space constraints or partly because of which models “they get the best deal on”.  Their deal might not be the best deal for you. 

Seek out a dealer who is truly interested in your comfort and your needs.  It’s easy to “shop-around” these days.  Don’t just settle.  Remember that you will spend a lot of time in one of these chairs, and discomfort will; not make you comfortable.

As a side note, I believe insurance will only reimburse about $275.00 towards the cost of the motor, and in rare instances an additional $75.00 (if you have a premium insurance company). The cost of the chair is paid by you and then you submit paperwork to your insurance company for any applicable reimbursement.

If you are in the Nassau/ Suffolk County areas contact Merrick Home Care 139 Merrick Ave., Merrick, NY  516-378-0119.  They have about 14 different lift-out chairs on display at all times.

(While I have no relationship to Merrick Home Care, I do know of their professionalism and care for their customers).  This is not a paid endorsement.   

Rating: 5.0
By: Dare K.
On: Yelp, 11/24/2015
For anyone in need of surgical supplies of any kind and at a complete loss as to where to turn, Merrick Surgical Supplies & Home Care is the answer. I am sadly in the position of returning home to take care of elderly parents and have no idea about the various types of equipment needed for taking care of them. I tried so many different sources for information and supplies but when I met Leo and Joyce at Merrick Surgical I found all my answers. They go above and beyond the call of duty to provide personal service to their customers. The level of detail and the lovely nature of these two amazing people made the whole process of selecting a lift chair not only painless but enjoyable. I will go back to them for anything now…they made it that easy!
Dare Koslow

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lift out chairs
Merrick Surgical Happy Customer!
lift out chairs
Merrick Surgical Happy Customer!
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