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Why Reviews Matter!

Reviews are vital tools for businesses like ours to share with others that are looking for validation on products and services. In today’s marketplace, this method of social sharing enables all to gain a sense of truth and awareness that otherwise would be difficult to find. Google tracks these carefully so that only real customers and legitimate comments are posted.  In following Google’s Terms of Service, we kindly ask that you use your computer or mobile device to post these from you home or phone.  This way, Google can see that they are unique belonging only to you.


Easy Steps To Follow

Please see the following steps below to share your thoughts with others on our Google listing:

  1. Google Review Link  (Click Here)
  2. Type: Merrick Surgical NY
  3. Go to: Write a Review
  4. Sign In With Your Google Account To Write A Review
  5. Rate and Review-(Use a photo of the product if possible)
  6. Completed!

Thank you for your help and consideration in making us better every day!