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Lift Chairs For Elderly

Need A Lift? Let us help you help yourself!

The hardest thing about aging is the dependency and reliance upon others to do what we always did alone, get up and move around.  The sense of doing it yourself existed since toddler-hood when we wanted to prove and show the world that we were finally independent.  Seniors are no different.  They want to come and go when they want to and without asking permission or for help.

One of the best furniture finds for many elderly has been the lift chair that is roomy, comfortable, and convenient. Hand held controls that enable different settings and positions without getting up.  From laying flat, to sitting up, reclining, to standing up and out of the chair, these lift chairs offer so much to the improved lifestyle and freedom for elderly.  Check out: www.merricksurgical.com for a free consultation and visit their showroom of well stocked lift chairs for you to try out by sitting, lying, and rising in the showroom anytime.

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