Maxi Comfort Series


Golden’s Day Dreamer with the exclusive Power Pillow™ provides the ultimate in position control. Recline back and adjust your head and neck using the exclusive powered head pillow. MaxiComfort combined with the Power Pillow™ offers maximum comfort options.

Full Product Details

Model Number: PR632
Exclusive Power Pillow™ for Ultimate Head Positioning
375 lb. weight capacity
Patented MaxiComfort® recline technology standard
Exclusive AutoDrive™ hand control for easy operation
Customized Comfort – Lock in “YOUR” Favorite Comfort Position
Whisper-quiet dual motors for independent backrest and seat operation
Full Chaise Pad Support for Total Body Comfort
Superior Leg Extension
Anti-skid, adjustable leg levelers for enhanced stability
SmartTek® inside – patented diagnostic system
Industry Best Warranty!

Exclusive Golden Features:

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AutoDrive™ 3.0 makes America’s #1 selling brand of lift chairs easier to use than ever!
Golden introduces AutoDrive 3.0, the latest revolution in power lift and recline chair positioning technology. No other lift chair can effortlessly drive you to the pre-programmed Zero-gravity, TV or Sleep positions while also allowing you the ability to set your perfect position quickly and easily!

AutoDrive 3.0 has a new look, with a button layout that is more user-friendly and intuitive. AutoDrive 3.0 is also safer with the option for a partial lockout or full lockout. Its buttons are backlit and automatically dim when not in use, and provide an audible click noise when pressed so you know the button has been engaged to move the chair.

Total Control with just two buttons!

AutoDrive’s Lift and Recline buttons operate the same way as the buttons on a two button lift chair hand control, giving you easy and Total Control of your lift chair!

“Lift” gently raises you to the standing position no matter how you’re relaxing in your chair.

“Recline” makes it easy to find your favorite position to take a rejuvenating nap or a get a great night’s sleep.

Position Control provides comfort unlike any other chair.

P – This button is used to reprogram the preprogrammed positions or activate lockout features.

ZG – glides you into the pressure-free comfort of the Zero-gravity position, where the spine, hip and knee joints are balanced and positioned to provide natural relaxation and minimal muscle tension.

TV – is designed for upright relaxation. The seat of the chair raises to create a neutral lower body posture. The backrest stays upright, providing neck and head support.

SIT* – allows you to relax while eating, reading or spending time with family and friends.

SLEEP* – Enjoy our factory set sleep position, or program the SLEEP button to move the chair to the perfect spot to ensure your great night’s sleep!

HEAD (Up & Down) – On Chairs with Power Pillow™ Headrests, Head Up and Down Buttons Replace SIT & SLEEP

*On Standard AutoDrive Remotes

Custom Control makes it easy to find your perfect positions!
These arrows allow you to independently move the footrest and backrest.

To get into the Trendelenburg position, use the ZG button to move to the Zero-gravity position. Then use the backrest down button until the chair stops moving.

New design raises backrest 31% faster than previous models!

Power Head Rest

Our Power Headrests slide on an articulating arch, lifting and lowering your head in a natural curve. Other chairs “fold” you over like a burrito, even pushing your shoulders over, and do not provide proper ergonomic support. Only Golden’s power recliners featuring a Power Headrest or Power Pillow give you the correct support to provide you hours of comfort without pinching your neck.


The Exclusive Luxury Fabric Line
Brisa® is an incredibly soft and luxurious faux leather fabric available on lift chairs exclusively from Golden Technologies. Brisa is the first polyurethane fabric designed with a unique ventilation system that enables it to breathe, keeping you cool and comfortable, no matter how long you use the chair. Brisa’s subtle grain pattern is created through a natural process that simulates the supple surface of genuine leather. You can choose from a tasteful assortment of colors.

Stain, scratch and blemish resistant
Clinically proven to be more resistant to temperature changes than vinyl and genuine leather
Superior comfort in all climate conditions — stays cooler than leather in warm weather conditions
Resists cold weather stiffening and cracking
Cleans effortlessly with soap and water
Lifts most stains with alcohol-based household cleaning solutions
Disinfects with a 5:1 water-to-bleach solution

Smart Tech

Minimizing Downtime.
SmartTek® is a patented self-diagnostic technology standard on all Golden lift chairs. SmartTek notifies the user if there is an electrical malfunction with their chair, helping technicians to diagnose the issue quickly and easily over the phone, saving valuable repair time! SmartTek gives the repair technician a better understanding of what parts they will need to repair the chair before they even leave the office.

How does SmartTek work?
Golden’s patented SmartTek system uses three LED lights to signal when the chair is not functioning properly.

You should first check that the chair is plugged into an electrical outlet, that the fuse or breaker for that outlet is properly working, and that all other connections are plugged together properly. If your chair is still not working, please check the following:

The green LED lights can be found:
1. On the two-button hand control for non-MaxiComfort® models. The MaxiComfort AutoDrive™ hand control features backlit buttons which serve as the SmartTek light for those models.

2. On the transformer.

3. On the wire that plugs from the motor into the transformer.

If all three LED lights are not lit, the user should first check that the chair is plugged into an electrical outlet, that the fuse or breaker for that outlet is properly working and all other connections are plugged together properly.

When the green LED on the transformer is not lit, it means that electricity is not getting to the transformer or there is a malfunction with the transformer and it needs to be replaced. When the green LED on the wire from the motor to the transformer is not lit (but the light on the transformer is), it means there is no power coming from the transformer to the motor.

When the green LED on the hand control is not lit, or the buttons on an AutoDrive hand control are not lit, and the chair is not working, there is a possible defect with the hand control.

Heat & Massage

The most sophisticated heat and massage system is available on select models of Golden lift chairs!
Experience this luxurious massage system featuring:
Dozens of massage settings covering two different massage zones: one across the lumbar (lower back area) and one in the seat
Four massage motors provide relief to stiff, tired and strained muscles
15 and 30 minute massage timers
Activate any of the massage zones while in Wave or Pulse massage settings
Independent adjustable massage intensity and speed settings
Relax with soothing low and high penetrating heat.
Independent 30 minute heat timer
Soothe back muscles with our warming heat system
Low and high heat settings


The new Valor Urethanes provide you with protection for your lift chair and a touch of style. This new cover for Golden lift chairs features a subtle sheen and a leather-like grain pattern in gorgeous colors certain to complement any decor.

Color & Fabric Options:

Factory standard options


Color & Fabric Upgrades:

Options available with extended lead time

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