“Our mission is to KNOW AND UNDERSTAND YOU, provide services with care and attention to WHAT YOU NEED, AND GO THE EXTRA YARD, ALWAYS.”

Medical Products: Nassau County Family Run Business Serving Suffolk, Westchester Counties & Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan

Merrick Surgical Supplies is a local Nassau County family run business that has seen its growth expand to the New York boroughs, namely Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan and Westchester County.   We have been in business for over 30 years and understand the value of providing the level of care and attention to families in need of caring for the elderly and those that are recovering from injuries or illnesses that can make lifestyles difficult. Andra and Leo Levine, the owners received the Merrick Merchant of the Year Award over the years past, service all of Nassau, Suffolk & Westchester Counties as well as Brooklyn, Queens, and parts of New York City. Merrick Surgical Supplies has a personal relationship and understanding of our customer’s wants and needs and keeps us a breed apart from the national chains.  Call us and never get an impersonal call center or put on hold.  See us, and never get ignored without our attention, greeting, and personal touch.

Merrick Surgical Supplies understands the issues and difficulties for those with disabilities that are either lifelong or temporary, but either way, these individuals need to be mobile and lead a somewhat normal lifestyle that can ease the pain of disability living. The dignity that one maintains is often times dependent upon the ability to manage a disability or physical impairment. Merrick Surgical Supply strives to attain this quality of life for its clients/ patients that come to them for this.

Nassau County and New York based Family Business

The Levines are always there to service any inquiries.  Most importantly, they offer consultation for all of its medical, surgical, furniture, and mobility products that they have, additionally their many years of experience on what works, how to best solve an ailment or physical or comfort problem.  “Bedside manner” is part of their daily routine when it comes to service for their clientele. The Levines know the importance of care and attention when it comes to their Nassau, Suffolk, & Westchester Counties, Queens, Brooklyn and NYC communities that rely on their service and expertise for whatever they need. As residents themselves of the local community, they are entrenched and committed to keeping their neighbors with a medical and surgical supply location that can address all of their medical and recovery or healthcare needs that may arise. Not being a chain or franchise is important to Merrick Surgical Supplies in order to continually service and cater to their New York area residents. Having a personal relationship and understanding of our customer’s wants and needs keeps Merrick a breed apart from the large national chains of impersonal service.  As a dealer for large manufacturers like Golden Technologies and Flex A Bed, Merrick serves as the “custom” customer service that saves you time and money from the frustration of large call center service.  We exist because you talk to us and tell us what hurts, what you need, and how we can be better to always be there for you!

Westchester County Sees Healthcare Needs Grow

The bedroom communities of White Plains, New Rochelle, Mamaroneck, Larchmont, and Tarrytown, just north of New York City have seen an expansive population due to communities that are more affordable with better quality of life styles for many budding and growing families. With this growth comes addressing needs for elderly and aging Boomers that need to care for themselves and others in their family. Merrick Surgical has become a New York Metropolitan region provider to many here and with excellent customer service and delivery logistics, New Yorkers are realizing that the Long Island Sound is no longer a barrier or reason not to get great medical and surgical products at their doorstep.

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